Terms & Conditions


AS A PLAYER, I promise to always train, practice and play with good sportsmanship and respect for my teammates and opponents. I will be courteous to all coaches, officials and other parent volunteers who are trying to help me become a better athlete. I will do my best in all practices and games, have patience with myself and remember that I am playing these games for fun. I will attend every practice and game I can. I will play hard at every position that my coaches assign to me.

AS A PARENT, I promise to encourage good sportsmanship by showing support for all players, coaches and officials at every practice and game. I will focus upon my child’s efforts and performance rather than the overall outcome of the game. I will not ridicule or yell at any child, including my own, for making a mistake or losing a game. I will not use profanity or physically or verbally abuse any players, coaches, officials or spectators. I will participate in positive cheers that encourage all players and discourage any cheers that redirect that focus, including those that taunt and intimidate officials or opposing players and fans.

I will help my child enjoy the experience of playing on a team, including being a respectful fan and providing whatever help is needed according to my skills and availability.

I will endeavor to learn, understand and respect the rules of the game, the officials who administer them and their decisions. I will not be verbally critical. I will bring any perceived problems to the attention of my child’s coach IN PRIVATE.

I will bring my child to practices and games on time and, if I do not stay, will make sure that my child is picked up promptly afterward. I will also give advance notice to my child’s coach whenever my child will be absent from a practice or game. I will do everything I can to insure a sports environment for my child that is free from drugs and alcohol and will refrain from their use at all practices, games and ceremonies..

 AS A COACH, I will honor all of the above promises that generally apply to parents; and I will not forget the trust that parents place in me while training and coaching their children. I will do my best to develop the talents of every player under my supervision, to treat them with respect and fairness and to help all athletes and participants learn the principles of sportsmanship.


Each participant, player and their parents must agree to this Code of Conduct in writing before the child will be allowed to participate in any training, practice or game.

Additionally, every player, parent, coach and fan will be held accountable to the Zero Tolerance Policy if he/she are participating or attending any of our sports. A copy of the policy has been incorporated in ALL REGISTRATION PROCESSES (in person and on-line) and can be viewed by clicking on the attachment below.


Any person wishing to cancel after signing up for a sport, will be charged a minimum $20.00 check processing fee.  This fee is in addition to any other costs involved with a cancellation.  Please see your sports director for details.